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( Individual and Private Counseling ) 
Substance Abuse Counseling/DUI Risk Education and Treatment,
USDOT-SAP Qualified Evaluations, Treatment, Collections ( Drug and Alcohol testing ) for employment, Court, Probation and etc.

Focus is Evaluations, Education, and Treatment of DUI Offenders but we extend to anyone in need of alcohol/drug treatment or education as USDOT-SAP Evaluations and treatment for Safety Sensitive positions . ( Anger management and Domestic Violence and private treatment. )

Our connection interests would primarily be with Criminal Defense Attorneys and EAP agency's and USDOT Services and Safety Sensitive positions.

1. Copy of your Court Purposes driving abstract (driving record current within 30

days of appointment) obtained from the Secretary of State Driving Facility as a

Hearing Officers Consultation list.

2. Blood alcohol test (BAC) result or the copy of “Notice of Summary Suspension”

showing that you refused the test

Your DUI Evaluation will include a classification level with recommendations for education, intervention counseling, outpatient or intensive outpatient treatment

or residential treatment along with continuing care recommendations.

Illinois DUI classification levels and requirements:

Level I – Minimal Risk:

• Driver Risk Education (10 hours min.)

Level II – Moderate Risk:

• Driver Risk Education (10 hours min.), plus

• Intervention Counseling (12 hours min.), plus

• Continuing Care recommendations

Level II – Significant Risk:

• Driver Risk Education (10 hours min.), plus

• Outpatient Treatment (20 hours min.), plus

• Continuing Care recommendations

Level III – High Risk or Dependent:

• Outpatient or Intensive Outpatient Treatment (75 hours min.)

• Continuing Care recommendations

• Same day appointments with report are available.

• Intervention and Outpatient programs meet weekly, day/evening at all locations

• Comprehensive Updated Evaluations for Secretary of State formal or informal

hearings for driver’s license reinstatement due to revocation for DUI or DWI

Uptown DUI Services. Offers a wide range of comprehensive counseling services at our convenient Chicago and surrounding south suburban locations..

• Driving Under the Influence [DUI]

o DUI Evaluations for Court

o DUI Evaluations for Secretary of State License Reinstatement

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